What’s a copywriter and why would I need one?

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Firstly, a copywriter has absolutely nothing to do with copyright. It’s a common misconception, so don’t worry if you thought the same.

Whilst copyright refers to the exclusive legal rights granted to an original piece of work, copywriting refers to the art of using words that sell.

Whether it’s selling a product, a service, or an idea, a copywriter’s job is to come up with the right way of describing the concept so that people feel compelled to take action. The action can be anything from buying a product, signing up to a newsletter or even choosing which political party to support.

A good copywriter has the skill and flexibility to adapt their style of writing to suit different purposes, audiences, and projects, and has the ability to relay the core message in the most appropriate way.

From the copy on your website to the mission statement in your company brochure, the words you use can either motivate and persuade or discourage and repel your audience. As this has an enormous impact on the success of your business, you can’t afford to be getting it wrong.

Another term for copywriting is ‘content marketing’ which highlights the significance of copywriting within a company’s marketing strategy. Every business needs to bring in customers and the best way to attract and retain a solid client base is by creating and distributing content on a consistent basis.

Do I need a copywriter?

Many business owners do not have the time or expertise to write their own content, which is why 62% of companies now outsource their content marketing. (Source: www.imaginepub.com.)

Hiring a professional copywriter will ensure your messages are targeted, well written, and error free. What’s more, they’ll get you results.

On a recent poll by Business 2 Community;

73% of business owners say content marketing creates improved brand awareness

67% of business owners say they’ve received increased leads from content marketing

Is it about time you hired a professional?

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