Social media campaign for high-profile event

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The objective

Promote a high-profile business conference to delegates across multiple verticals through a three-month social media campaign.

The challenge

The concept was new to the Island, therefore, the challenge was to succinctly position the event to the right target market, demonstrating the benefits of attending. As the conference was made up of more than 30 mini events, each one had to be promoted across social media to ensure maximum attendees throughout the day.

The process

Imekota worked with the client to create a social media content plan for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Posts were targeted to different groups of people depending on whether they were a startup looking to make the first step, or an established business looking to acquire the best local talent. High profile sponsors and speakers were also engaged with to increase the social reach and generate a buzz leading up to the event.

The result

  • Exceeded the target of 1,000 attendees with over 1,600 people coming to the event
  • Bespoke event hashtag was trending on twitter for 3 days
  • CPA through social media was approximately £0.92
  • Feedback from the social campaign and the event itself was extremely positive


“It was a real pleasure working with you! You did an amazing job, drove awareness through the roof and helped contribute to a really successful event.”

– Client feedback

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