5 reasons to enter the IOM Awards for Excellence

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The Isle of Man Awards for Excellence is an annual event held at the Villa Marina celebrating the best and brightest in the Manx Community.

A key event in the Isle of Man calendar – now is the time to consider entering your organisation in one of the 16 available categories.

With resources often stretched, putting yourself forward for a business award may not be at the top of your agenda. However, here are five reasons why entering The Awards for Excellence could benefit your business.


Free marketing

Business awards are often an overlooked tool in your marketing strategy. Just being shortlisted can significantly improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers.

Awards celebrate the hard work and success gone into running your business and this in itself can create great PR opportunities. It is a chance to distinguish your company’s offering from competitors and connect with other organisations and individuals which may contribute to further business growth.

Being shortlisted for an award demonstrates commitment and can be a hint towards growth; which is particularly valuable to those seeking partnerships or investment. For the winners, it can open doors to getting new contracts, finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets.



The application process for entering a business award can be labour intensive but it can often force you to look at your business from a different perspective. It will encourage you to look at key milestones, how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. This exercise will provide focus for the next 12 months; who knows, perhaps a new direction is in store?

Gaining a new perspective will help you discover your areas of excellence and also your areas for improvement.

When writing your submission, you’ll need to consider what makes you stand out from the competition whether that’s through innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, investment in people or strategic thinking. This exercise can benefit organisations of any shape or size and could be even more valuable than winning the award!


Increased credibility

One of the most important goals of marketing is building brand credibility and being short-listed for an award acts as a Third Party endorsement for your business.

Well-attended industry events are high-impact brand credibility tactics to drive sales and business growth. And award wins further solidify your position as market leader and gives a seal of approval to your activities.

It’s a great way of differentiating your company from competitors and will send out positive signals to help build customer trust and loyalty as well as fostering relationships with suppliers.


Employee motivation

Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning, or even being shortlisted, can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Celebrating a nomination with your team provides opportunities for culture building and creating a positive and proud company culture – key ingredients for an engaged workforce.

As people want to feel proud of where they work and get the external recognition that they deserve, being up for an award can provide that all-important boost your employees need to spur productivity to the next level.

Moreover, the experience of attending an award ceremony can, in itself, be a fantastic way to enhance team spirit and cement strong working relationships across different teams.


Attract talent

Talent is very much attracted to success and nothing says it better than a shiny new award! An award win can attract future talent to your company as it validates your hiring stature among new recruits. People want to work for the best so by pitching yourself at the top you can attract the talent you need to push your business forward. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits as word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools.

Plus, you can also use the award ceremony as an opportunity to establish new connections and relationships and maybe even find the perfect candidate for a vacancy you’re struggling to fill.


As you can see, there are several reasons why entering The Awards for Excellence this year can significantly benefit your business.

If you’d like to enter but don’t fancy spending several hours drafting your submission, why not outsource the work to us? We’ll gladly write your entry after an initial fact-finding meeting to discover what makes your organisation stand out from the crowd. Contact Janine on janine@imekota.com or call 07624 422144 to find out more.

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